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We are local people helping neighbors exit unwanted property quickly. We are not a New York hedge fund or some national franchise chain looking to buy 'ugly homes'. Our mission is to help people in Southwest Florida get out of tough housing situations. We all struggle sometimes and find ourselves short on money. Home repairs get put off until the situation gets serious. Health problems, a death, divorce or other life challenge can bring about the need for a quick sale. That's where we come in. We can help you get off the hook and move on with your life. Our vision is one of helping because we've seen the damage that bankruptcy, foreclosure and debt can cause firsthand. No one should face hardships alone. It costs nothing to speak with us. Even if all you want is advice and to better understand your options, don't hesitate to call. We are real people, living in Fort Myers. We're your neighbors and we can help.


Stop by our office at 5235 Ramsey Way #14 Ft Myers, Florida or call 239-247-4419 or email



Your house may not be in the best of shape. You might have a roof leak or issues with plumbing or electrical.  Maybe your home just needs cosmetic work from years of neglect or just a dated look that
needs a serious remodel before it can sell. Perhaps you had a renter that completely trashed your home or rental unit.  We can help. We'll buy your house just as it is, without the need for any work or repairs on your part. Call us today at 844-200-3622 for an appointment. 



Once you make the decision to sell, you can leave the place in whatever shape it's in. No need to clear out the garage or attic. Take what you need but don't bother with any repairs or clean up. Hand us the keys, we'll hand you the check and leave the mess to us. We love Hoarder Homes, Vandalized Property, Rental Disasters, Vacant Buildings and houses with Fire or Water Damage.


Our objective is to get you your cash fast.  Once we have a signed offer, we can close in as little as 7 days. We use only local title companies that are reputable and responsive. If your home needs repair work or you are facing difficulty in life and need to cash out of your home quickly, we can make that happen in one week from now. 



When we buy your home, we pay for all of your closing costs. Even the ones that the seller is required to pay -- we'll credit them on your closing statement!  We want to make this process as easy and possible with no out of pocket costs to the seller. Our goal is to get you as much money for your house with as little effort as necessary on your part. 



Finding a qualified buyer takes time. It's the single greatest challenge when attempting to sell real estate. If time is not on your side, then waiting to see if the bank approves your 'buyer' for a loan can be very 

frustrating. If you want to avoid a time consuming process and want to sell quickly, then call us.  We are a sure thing. Realtors are great if you have time, patience and don't mind a 6% transaction cost on the sale of your home. We charge ZERO realtor commissions - saving TIME and MONEY.



We buy your house AS-IS without any need for repairs and without the need for a home inspection. No home inspection means ZERO inspection costs. If you are trying to sell your home and it is in need of repairs, many financial institutions will not lend money to your borrower for the purchase. Don't wait around to take that risk. We'll purchase your home in any condition and without the need for a home inspector to inspect the property. 

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